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An Open Letter to Churches about Church Construction Financing

church constructionServing the church market for over 35 years has given our firm a wealth of experience. We have put this experience and knowledge to work assisting churches to find and receive financing for new buildings.

The resources are available to finance church construction. However, the procedures and methods in gaining approval have changed drastically.

Now, more than ever before, churches need to be advised on the effective approach to successfully obtain financing.  There is no charge or obligation to speak with us.

Our goal is simple, if we assist in obtaining financing for your new building then we may have the privilege of furnishing your new church home.  This approach makes it a win-win relationship for both of us.

Let us assist you. Give us a call or email me today.




David L. Jones
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Summit Church Pews and Pulpits

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CHURCH PEW CHAIRS  affordable church chairs for every room of your building. Worship Chairs that are comfortable, stackable & durable.  Classroom Chairs giving comfort while using smaller space, Dining Chairs designed for comfort while correctly fitting tables, Sunday School Chairs for all ages, Task Chairs strong enough for the roughest treatment.  Interlocking pew chairs.