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About Us

Company History

We have been in business for over 25 years. Starting in early 1998, Summit Seating, Inc. began serving the church market, offering quality products from only established manufacturers in the USA.

We originally only served churches in the southeastern states, but we grew to be a nationwide provider.

We now offer international services, shipping products to churches in Africa, the Bahamas, the US Virgin Islands, and other Caribbean islands.

Custom Work

All our products are manufactured custom for each church. 

Churches may also select one of our custom-designed products. Give us your ideas, and we’ll create the product that matches your vision.

Our Quality

Professional designers and skilled craftsmen work together to create the product you desire. We work with wood, glass, and metal – designing, shaping, finishing, and then delivering to your door. 

We even offer “white glove” delivery as an option.

BFAC – Best Friends And Customers

We strive to meet our customer’s expectations. We’re grateful to be able to serve a church. We’re delighted to make a friend in this process. To see some of the friends we’ve made, click here.

Customer List

There are too many to list here!

For a partial list (by state) click here.