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Senior and Chief Executive of Evangelical Faith Vision Ministries, Incorporated, Apostle Felix Revills oversees 35 churches spanning 7 states, including international locations in Port Au Prince, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Evangelical Faith Vision Ministries, Inc. is also a vested member of the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem.

Apostle Revills is an influential man that walks astutely in the will and favor of God. He is currently the pastor of Evangelical Faith Vision Ministries, Incorporated, which was founded by his distinguished parents, Drs. Isaiah and Ullainee S. Revills.

Apostle Revills shares the lifelong commitment of marriage with his best friend, First Lady Andrea Revills. Their inspiring, reciprocated love has blessed them with four marvelous children.

Apostle Revills has rendered his support to our country by serving in the United States Marine Corps. He later obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Albany State University.

He is an involved partner of the Albany community, Kiwanis Club, and the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. He is the founder of New Visions Community Development Corporation and the Young Lions Mentoring Program.

Apostle is the Executive Producer of EFVM’s weekly television broadcast “The Latter Rain”.

Although his life and works speak volumes, nothing is more notable than the fact that God has ordained him to soar into a new dimension of ministry. Apostle Revills has committed himself to the call of God to minister in leadership for the betterment of mankind