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Choosing the fabric for reupholstering your church pews?

That’s a big decision. 

You want something that looks great, feels comfortable, and can withstand lots of services. 

From cozy textures to durable materials, finding the right fabric is all about balancing style and practicality. 

Let’s discuss some popular choices that can spruce up your pews and keep them comfy and attractive for years to come. 

Ready to give your church a mini-makeover?

Here we go! 

How to Select the Best Fabric for Church Pew Reupholstery

Choosing the right fabric for your church pews involves considering several key factors to make sure the pews look great and last long. 

Here’s what to keep in mind: 


  • Durability Ratings: Look for fabrics with high durability ratings. These materials are tested to withstand heavy use, making them ideal for church settings where pews see frequent activity. 
  • Heavy Usage: Choose materials that can handle the wear and tear of regular use, including resistance to fading and easy maintenance. 


  • Atmosphere: Choose a fabric that enhances the spiritual and welcoming atmosphere of your church. 
  • Aesthetics: Consider how the fabric contributes to the overall look of the interior. Aim for a timeless design that complements the architectural style of your church. 
  • Texture and Pattern: Textures and patterns can add depth and interest to your pews, but choose wisely to maintain a harmonious look. 


  • Complementary Shades: Pick colors that harmonize with the church’s flooring, walls, and windows. The right hues can tie the whole room together and enhance the aesthetic appeal. 
  • Light vs. Dark: Lighter colors can brighten a space, while darker colors are more forgiving with stains and wear. 

Choosing the right fabric is about more than just appearance; it’s about making practical choices that will serve your church well over the years. 

Top Fabric Choices for Church Pews

Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics like tweed, polyester blends, olefin, acrylic, and nylon offer a timeless appeal and exceptional comfort for church pews. 

Their sturdy construction ensures longevity, withstanding the rigors of frequent use. 

And with many colors and patterns available, woven fabrics provide versatility to match any church decor, from traditional to contemporary. 


Microfiber is an excellent choice for church pews, offering luxurious comfort and durability. 

Its soft texture provides a cozy seating experience, perfect for extended services. 

Microfiber fabrics are also easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a fresh and inviting look for years to come. 

Its stain-resistant properties make it ideal for high-traffic areas. 


Velvet adds a touch of grace and sophistication to church pews. 

Its soft texture and rich appearance create a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for enhancing the worship experience. 

Velvet is also known for its durability and resilience, able to withstand frequent use without losing its plushness or color. 

It offers excellent insulation, providing warmth during colder seasons and comfort during long services. 

Fabrics That Don’t Work Well

After years of experience installing and reupholstering pews, there are many fabrics that won’t work well for the job.

Some of them include faux leather, chenille, and commercial-grade vinyl.

Why Consider Summing Seating for Reupholstering

Thinking about updating your church pews with fresh upholstery? 

Look no further than Summit Seating!

With our expertise, you’ll have access to a wide range of fabric choices tailored to your needs. 

We’ll walk you through the entire reupholstery journey, ensuring your pews look stunning and stand the test of time. 

Trust us to bring comfort and style to your congregation’s worship experience with our top-notch fabric selection and expert guidance. 

Maintaining Your Reupholsted Pews

Recently got the upgrade? 

Keeping your freshly reupholstered church pews looking pristine is key to preserving their look and longevity. 

Here are some simple yet effective tips to maintain your new fabric: 

  • Regular Cleaning: Gently vacuum the fabric to remove dust and debris, and spot-clean any spills promptly with a mild detergent and water solution. 
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Steer clear of harsh cleaners or solvents that could damage the fabric’s fibers or color. 
  • Professional Cleaning: Consider professional cleaning services for deeper cleaning and stain removal as needed. 

By incorporating these maintenance practices into your routine, your reupholstered pews will retain their beauty and comfort for years to come! 


Choosing the perfect fabric for your church pews is a decision that can transform your worship space. 

With Summit Seating, you’re investing in comfort, durability, and timeless elegance. 

Ready to elevate your church’s atmosphere? 

Reach out to Summit Seating today for expert guidance and personalized fabric solutions. 

Your pews deserve the best, and Summit Seating is here to make that happen. 

Let’s make your vision a reality. 

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