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Bishop Carlwell Culp is a down to earth pastor who has a heart to teach God’s people how to achieve God’s best in simplicity and in power.

His emphasis in ministry is faith, the family and finances. Bishop Carlwell Culp believes that because our families are broken our churches are also broken. He believes that if we build the families by teaching them according to the Word Of God the proper positions of each family member, and allowing each family member to perform his role in the family this will allow each family to be strengthened and healed and ready to do what God has called each family to do. Unless healing from brokenness occurs in each family, divorce will continue at an alarming rate. Our young men will never learn to be real men. Our young ladies will continue to accept less than what God promised. The devil will continue to use our families to break up the church. 

Bishop Carlwell Culp believes that the church is built with Families. He believes that as he minister to each member of the family they will grow stronger in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. His success in ministry is attributed to his taking a stand on the scripture Mark 11:24 in every aspect of his life and by being an example to his congregation through his blessed relationship with his wife Rebecca Culp and their 5 children.

Bishop Carlwell Culp’s desire is to make Bethlehem a place where God’s people will be brought into position of faith and prosperity, but most of all, brings Glory to God’s Name.  His mission is to make the life changing wisdom by the word of God understandable and accessible to all. While his vision remains strong “Building Your Families, to Build Gods’ Family.” We will accomplish this one family member at a time until God has touched and transformed the lives of each family member for the edification of the church.