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Bishop Earnest J. Miller is the Founder and Pastor of the Greater
Harvest Worship Center in Greenwood, Mississippi, where he has
been a pastor for more than thirty-eight years. He was baptized in
Jesus’ name and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost in 1961, under
the Pastoral ship of Suffragan Bishop T.J. Melton, of Clarksdale, MS.

Bishop Miller is married to Dr. Virginia Miller, and they have three
children, Co-Pastor, Evangelist TaIsha Miller, Kenyona Miller, and
Christopher Berry. He also has four grandchildren. Bishop Miller
attended Moorehead College in Moorehead, MS and Mississippi
Valley State University in Itta Bena, MS. He received his Bachelors,
Masters, and Doctorate degrees from Logos Christian College and
Graduate school of Jacksonville, FL.

In the years of 1973 to 1976, he held a position on the Revenue
Sharing Committee for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.
(P.A.W). Youth Department, under the leadership of the honorable
Bishop Norman L. Wagner. He also worked under the leadership of
Elder Howard Tillman and Bishop Thomas Weeks in the Young
People’s Department of the P. A. W. He was Ordained as a Minister
in 1978. Bishop Miller was a National Evangelist for the P.A.W. for
more than four years. He served under the following Diocesan
Bishops while he was a member of the Mississippi and Western
Tennessee District Council of the P.A.W: Bishop Oscar Sanders,
Bishop C. R. Lee, Bishop W. H. Davis, Bishop Francis Smith, and
Bishop Clifton Jones. Bishop Miller held various positions in the
MS/W. TN Dist. Council. In 1974, Bishop Miller was the Youth
Leader of the MS/W. TN Dist. Council. He served as Youth
Chairman for six years, Program Chairman for three years, and
Council Chairman for three years. Bishop Miller was a faithful and
dedicated servant in the MS/W. TN Dist. Council for more than
thirty-five years.

In the year of 1998, God decided that he had a greater work for
Bishop Miller. Bishop Miller was consecrated to the office of
Bishop in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. He founded the
Fellowship Apostolic Worldwide, Inc. Organization in December
1998. In August of 2018, Bishop Miller was consecrated as Bishop
with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Where he actively
sits on the Board of Bishops. Bishop Miller is a Highly Anointed
Man of God. He is favored by God, and he strives diligently to
continue to build and strenghten the Kingdom of God.