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Bishop Thomas E. Douglas, Ph.D., M.Ed., L.P.C., is the Senior Pastor of the Holy Temple Holiness Church of Deliverance, Inc. (Florida) Bishop Douglas received his call under the late Chief Apostle Julia Williams. Under her guidance he flourished as a soldier for community and developed a passion for youth and the less fortunate. That passion was further fueled by the dynamic leadership and vision of Apostle James Tilghman and Senior Pastor Greta Tilghman. He has held numerous positions in the church organization including minister, evangelist, elder, and assistant pastor.

Currently, he serves as Co-Founder of the Center for Economics and Policy Development, Inc., and president of the Florida Chapter of National African American Drug Policy Coalition, (NAADPC ). He is a Board Member for Alternative Learning Solutions Schools, a Graduate of Leadership Broward Class XXVII. and the Lead Trainer for Faith Based Educational Initiatives. He has more than twenty seven (27) years of professional experience in the field of ministry, education, and community outreach. Bishop Douglas received Ph.D., and M.Ed. Degrees from Howard University and Coppin State University, and his B.S Degree from Delaware State University. His civic-mindedness is evidenced by a list of community activities. These activities include volunteer drug prevention and education. Mr. Douglas has made several national presentations on the rehabilitation of adolescents, prevention, community partnership, and alternative education.

Bishop Douglas’s tenure is remembered widely for his pastoral nature. His genuine, focused and pioneering manner marked his ministry. He believes that the scriptures are the foundation and enduring principles that governs our lives then and now. “God is a Changeless God in a Changing World” is his mantra. He leaves an enduring imprint among those who benefit from his benevolence, kindness, and outreach. 

Bishop Douglas’s noteworthy work often focused on ministry, and how to gather together and engage the faithful as end time leaders.  He inspires and encourages men and women to lead in church governance, educational, lifestyle, financial and social ministries Bishop Douglas responded to the decrease in biblical standards by supporting and upholding the apostolic and holiness mandate that is under assault.

On the social justice front, Bishop Douglas personally involved himself in a range of causes and actions.  His witness motivated apostolic and non-apostolic alike to contemplate, or think again, about many social issues that plagued our community.   Bishop Douglas would visit and immerse himself into society, working and serving the homeless, youth, undereducated and the like.  His current focus is to provide alternative

education and vocational training opportunities to those youth who have chosen skills learning (vocational training) versus a four (4) year college degree. He is the Founder of the Institute for Holy Living, which has adopted over 30 children to provide quality support to ensure their success.

Finally, he is married to the Pastor and first Lady Shauna Whittick-Douglas and is the proud parent of five (5) natural children; Rashin, Thomas, Teresa, Vashti, and Gideon and a host of adoptive children, Yolanda Perry, Elienne Anoriscat to name a few. Together they are building a cadre of young soldiers for the army of God in the South Florida area.