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Our History


Organized in Ebenezer Baptist Church, Rev. WH Banks, pastor, in October 1871. The following churches composed the organization: Canetuck, Moore’s Creek, Ebenezer, Keathern Chapel, Friendship, Adoram, Newkirk’s Chapel, Pike’s Creek, St. Matthew, Providence, Lake’s Chapel and Royal Chapel.


The first Moderator was the Rev. W.H. Banks; second, the Rev. WM Devane; third, the Rev. J.L. Fennell; fourth, the Rev. Andrew Carr; fifth, the Rev. Hayes Peterson, Rev. B L Rich, Rev. Robert P Jones, Rev. Andre Carr, Rev. Dr. Terry L Henry, Rev. Harvey Robinson and Rev. Dr. Reginald Wells, who presently presides.

The first Baptist Church organized in Southeastern North Carolina was Canetuck, by the late Rev. Keathern, who also organized Moore’s Creek, Keathern Chapel, Adoran and Friendship Baptist Churches.


The first secretary was the late Albert Fennel, Harrell’s Store, NC; second, the late Rev. I.M. Powers, Wallace, NC; third, Rev W.H. Moore, Wilmington, NC.


Ministers in the Organization

Reverends WH Banks, WM Devane, EJ Bell, R. Royal, Henry Carr, IM Powers, Stephney Carr, WH Anderson, Madison Johnson, RC Murray and Elijah Tate.


The North East and Cape Fear Sunday School Convention was organized at Lake’s Chapel, Pender County, July 1882 by Rev. R. Royal, the first president.


First, Professor C.H. Smith, Second, Professor J. M. Powers, Wallace, N.C.

The Middle District Daughters of Zion was organized in 1876 by Mrs. W. H. Banks and Mrs. Mary E. McKenzie. Mrs. Banks was the first president; second, Mrs. Mary E. McKenzie; third, Mrs. Diannah Johnson; fourth, Mrs. A.M. Hayes Kee; fifth, Mrs. Lizzie Newkirk. Rev. R. Royal was first Counselor; second, Rev. A. Carr; third, Rev. H. Peterson.

The Middle District Ushers’ Association was organized by Rev. W.H. Moore in Shiloh Baptist Church in 1907.

The BYPU Convention was organized by Rev. J.D. McCrae at Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, Rose Hill, NC, after being authorized by the Association in 1929. Rev. J.D. McCrae, President; Miss Lucille Murray, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Mary A. Fennell, Recording Secretary.

The Middle District Union Meeting was organized in 1872 by the Ministers and Churches composing the parent body.