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A Message from Pastor Johnson!

Did you ever stop to think what our community would be like without a church?  This is a scary world.  There are catastrophes happening every day. Individuals must face career problems, family dilemmas, health riddles, personality quirks, and dozens of other situations in their lives.  To face the world alone is not only scary, it is consuming!   But that is why we are here. We are situated on the corner of East Shelby Drive and Germantown Road, not so far from you, and we are ready and willing to help you through the hard times of life.  

Christ is the answer!

We cannot take away your hurts, but we can help you face them with God’s remedy.  We may even be able to assist you to find solutions before situations become major.  Why not give us a try?  We care!  Too many people sit at home and worry. 

Pastor Johnson’s Bio

“A ministry that’s taking the gospel message outside the church walls to the world.”

Pastor Brodie Johnson is spreading the gospel and leading by example so as to model the way it should be to “make it happen.” His philosophy, as stated above, forms the cornerstone of his mission/vision statement and embodies the true characterization of his leadership style.  His objective is to enhance the value of individuals by applying the attributes of Christ through example and instruction to the glory of God and to build the necessary network of faithful saints founded and graced by diversity.

From the beginning, God orchestrated the events in Pastor Johnson’s life. Accordingly, Pastor Johnson gave his life to the Lord and was gloriously baptized in the Holy Ghost early in life. As you look upon the broad visionary direction of Pastor Johnson, one must recognize his unlimited potential. Pastor Johnson has a spiritual base that is founded in faith, is rooted in a mission to address the natural and spiritual needs of its community, and is solid in developing his pastoral experiences.

Pastor Johnson’s ministry carries a two-fold message.  First, God has given him his anointed word to teach and reach this end-time generation. At the same time, his message helps bring people into the Body of Christ.  Pastor Johnson is known as a “preacher on the move” spreading the gospel of Christ – a preacher with a unique prophetic style of ministry.  His message crosses over denominational and racial barriers.
Pastor Johnson has been in the ministry over 30 years.  His calling has led him to pastor in Buffalo, New York; Durham, North Carolina; as well as here in Memphis, TN.  He has obtained his Doctorate of Philosophy from Pacific Western University, New Orleans, LA.  Pastor Johnson matriculated from The University of Memphis with both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master of Science degree.  He also obtained an Applied Associate of Science degree from Durham Community College.  Pastor Johnson has received a Master of Arts in Religion from Memphis Theological Seminary and attended Harding Graduate School Seminary. Pastor Johnson completed a second Ph.D. from Capella University in Organization Management with a specialization in Leadership. His dissertation topic was, “The Perceived Leadership Crisis Within The Baptist Church: An Exploratory Empirical Investigation Of Selected Churches In Memphis, Tennessee.” Currently Pastor Johnson is on staff as an adjunct professor for Bethel College and for Belhaven University.

He is the author of the Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church Vision for New Members and Church Biblical Orientation Book. This text is currently utilized to train all new members and assist in providing church structure and orientation into the church body.

Under the leadership of Christ and the followship of Pastor Johnson, Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church has experienced tremendous growth. It is with this level of tenacity and dedication that the expanded direction of his ministries is evolving. The visionary leadership of one who recognizes the spiritual direction of 21st century ministries has called upon Pastor Johnson to venture forth and establish a base to its “cornerstone.” Cornerstone Institutional Baptist Church is destined for success and greater growth.

Pastor Johnson is the father of Jermaine Johnson.