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Overseer Burdette E. Williams, Sr. is the fourth (4) child of Nathaniel and Ernestine Williams, a husband to our First Lady, Lady Latrice Williams for over thirty-six (36) years, a father of eight (8) children, and the grandfather of fourteen (14) grandchildren. He is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and graduated from 
Williams M. Raines High School. 
In 1979, He accepted the call from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, where he preached and teach the gospel worldwide.
 Until May of 1992, When God sent him to Greater New Jerusalem where he has lead to preach and teach the church for over 22 years. Over the years he has birth seven (7) sons and three (3) daughters throughout the ministry. His favorite quote is “Only what you do for Christ will last”. He presently serves in the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship as the District Overseer of the Northeast District for the State of Florida under the leadership of Florida State Bishop W. O’Shea Granger and International Presiding Bishop Paul S. Morton. I am Overseer B.E. Williams