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astor Clyde Foreman, Sr. is a native of Emanuel County where he grew up and spent most of his childhood. He is the eleventh child and the seventh son of the late Cain and Ada Bell Foreman. He grew up in a home with fifteen brothers and sisters.  Pastor Foreman met Theodosha Griffin at church over forty seven years ago. They have been married for forty three years and now reside in Jenkins County. Pastor Foreman attended school in Emanuel County, GA.  He has a Bachelor of Religious Art in Theology and is now in pursuit of a Master’s degree in pastoral counselling at the Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Pastor Foreman is the founder and pastor of the Endtime Faith Deliverance Church in Midville Ga. He preaches the word of God without compromise.
Pastor Foreman is an encourager; he is a friend; he is an example of what a man of God should be. He is a great leader of God’s church and through him God has done great things. He is a man with a vision and he believes God is going to do even greater things. He loves the people of God and he teaches them to believe that God wants his people to experience the blessings of God to the fullest.
Pastor Foreman’s motto is “GOD WANTS YOU HOLY, HEALTHY, and HAPPY.”  If you are ever in need of a blessing, stop by Endtime Faith Deliverance Church sometime, we believe you won’t leave the same way that you came!