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On May 7, 1997 Pastor Joe Fred Russell who was pastoring Mt. Olive Baptist Church in Corrigan, Texas was asked to return to oversee the body of Christ.  He was privileged to serve under the late Pastor W. Leo Daniels, late Pastor C. D. Daniels, and Pastor Darryl Daniels.

With the church focusing on “Launching Out By Faith Into The Deep” we have accomplished many things.  Under this theme Evangelism is the full time ministry of the church.  Evangelism is taught in three (3) twelve (12) week classes on Sunday morning along with Christian Education.  Our Evangelism Ministry goes from door to door witnessing at least once per quarter.  Each first (1st) Saturday all sick members are visited and all confined members are administered the Lord’s Supper.

Between the years of 2000 and 2011, 633 individuals became members of Greater Jerusalem.  During this same period 74 have transition from time into eternity.

Many physical blessings have been shown towards Greater Jerusalem during Pastor Russell leadership.  Nine Deacons were ordained.  A bus ministry with a handicapped bus is now operating, complete renovation of the church with new pews, offices, lighting, additional classrooms.  In August, 2002 five acres of land was purchased for future development at a cost of $ 160,000.00.  May, 2003 Value Pawn Shop located at 9008 Jensen Drive was purchased, and is now a twelve (12) station Barber and Beauty Salon, Supply House and Record Shop at a renovated cost of $ 104,464.00.  September, 2003 Southern Pawn Shop located at 8910 Jensen Drive was purchased and is now a Cosmetology School at a renovated cost of $ 248, 970.00.  September, 2004 Sun Dance Auto building located at 2814 Firnat was purchased, and is now counseling center for teen pregnancy, drug addiction, alcohol addictions, HIV counseling, at a renovated cost of $ 75, 579.00.  July, 2009 the Community Recreation Center located at 8901-C Jensen Drive with a weight room, men and women locker rooms, a full gymnasium, twelve (12) class rooms was opened at a cost of $ 998,000.00.  During September, 2008 Hurricane Ike damaged our church so severely that we held services in our Fellowship Hall.  The damages to the church were in excess of $ 500,000.00.  During the same storm the Counseling Center located at 2814 Firnat was totally destroyed.  The damages to the counseling center were in excess of $ 220,000.00.  During the year of 2008 a Two Million Dollar ($ 2,000,000.00) renovation project that included an Eight Hundred Eighty-Six Thousand Dollar ($ 886,000.00) grant from the City of Houston.  In November, 2010 the renovation project was completed.

We are Grateful to God for His tremendous goodwill toward this church family and its shepherds.  May God’s will for Greater Jerusalem forever be manifested and exhibited through God’s divine guidance and through our obedience to our Leader.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!