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Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Lester (2)Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Lester has served as shepherd for Greater Bethany Baptist Church since 1974. The accomplishments that have been achieved during this time are undoubtedly, characteristic of the fervent servant that Pastor Lester truly exemplifies in his daily walk of life.

Dr. Lester has done a tremendous job spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Greater Bethany continues to shine as a beacon of heavenly light, not only to the members of the congregation, but to the Vine City community as well. Pastor Lester firmly believes in reaching out to the saved and the unsaved, the lost and the found. As a result of his undying commitment to serving the needs of mankind, a number of ministries, programs and auxiliaries have been formed, cultivated and successfully implemented.

The term “pastorate” is in itself a mere term denoting “a position or office held.” It takes a pastor like Rev. Dr. Curtis L. Lester to give life and depth to the meaning of the term. As Rev. Lester continues to direct his flock on the paths to the Kingdom, it is the prayer of his sheep and the community that his tenure will continue to be long and prosperous. We pray that God will bestow upon him and First Lady Sheila Lester a double portion of all that has been sown into the lives of so many over the past 35+ years.