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Dr. R. B. Holmes, Jr., is the pastor of the historic Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, located in the heart of downtown Tallahassee, Florida’s Frenchtown community. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church was established in 1870.  Reverend Holmes has faithfully served thirty years of his nearly four decades in pastoral leadership at the Bethel Missionary Baptist Church.

Dr. Holmes’ strategic mission and mandate have been to “transform people for the glory of God and the good of the community.”  His outstanding contributions have been recognized locally, across the state and nationally.  Fully supported by his congregation of over 3,000 members, Dr. Holmes has led the transformation of the Frenchtown community. Five Florida governors have appointed Dr. Holmes to various university boards of trustees and to various state-wide policy-making bodies in recognition of his unique leadership skills and spiritual gifts.  Under his extraordinary leadership, Bethel has over 47 active, intergenerational, family-based ministries: Christian Education, Music & Performing Arts, Infants, Children, Youth, Singles, Married Couples, Millennials/Young Adults, Collegiates, VisionTogether (Ages 40-55), Retirees/Thank you, Jesus (55+)), Military, Men’s, Promise Ministry (75+), Women’s, Young Mothers Mentoring, Girl Scouts, Africare, Haiti, Homeless, Veterans Outreach Ministries, etc.

Additionally, the church’s outreach to the community is manifested through the establishment of:

  • Bethel Christian Academy
  • Steele-Collins Charter Middle School (1996)
  • Steele-Collins All Male Charter Academy (2013)
  • Bethel Family Restaurant (1996)
  • Bethel Family Counselling Canter  (2006)
  • Bethel Strip Mall (1996)
  • Bethel Towers for Senior Citizens
  • Carolina Oaks subdivision for first-time home owners
  • A proposed mixed-use development with housing, retail and green and office space

Dr. Holmes is highly respected across America and has provided stellar leadership in major faith-based organizations, including the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. The National Action Network, and the National Save the Family Now, Movement, Inc., of which he is president and founder. Most recently, The Casey Family Programs identified the Bethel Baptist Church as a “Community of Hope,” bringing national exposure to one of Tallahassee’s best kept secrets:  The Bethel Story.  His comprehensive training and experiences have provided invaluable conceptual, technical and human expertise that is second to none.
History was recorded June 10, 2016, in the Frenchtown neighborhood of Tallahassee, FL.  For the first time, a new credit union, The Frenchtown Financial Opportunity Center, was opened in Frenchtown after two prominent financial institutions — Envision and Florida State University credit unions – forged a unique partnership with Bethel Missionary Baptist Church making Bethel the first entity, let alone a church, to facilitate a credit union in Frenchtown.

Frenchtown, a tight-knit community dating back to the 19th century, was dotted with robust businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants and drug stores decades ago. The predominantly black neighborhood sits in the shadow of downtown Tallahassee and the state Capitol, where power plays are exchanged and multimillion dollar projects take shape. The opposite is true in Frenchtown, an area besieged by crime, drugs and poverty. Many left, leaving behind vacancies and opportunity for economic development.  Under the dynamic leadership of Reverend Dr. RB Holmes, Bethel, as one of Tallahassee’s largest and most prominent black churches, has been a major developer in Frenchtown.  Dr. Holmes’ vision is that credit union will help people rebuild and repair their credit and strengthen businesses. He and others are hoping the partnership model can be duplicated in other low income areas and stimulate economic recovery. It will also be an outlet for Frenchtown residents to open accounts and learn essentials of financial literacy.

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church owns the center’s land. Envision and FSU credit unions are splitting the costs and sharing resources, including personnel in order to operate the center. It will operate as a credit union service organization, which is a registered business that can be owned by one or more credit unions. 
Most recently, Dr. Holmes was selected for the prestigious Lifetime Leadership Award, (September,2016) bestowed by the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce in recognition of his stellar accomplishments through the years.

Most importantly, Dr. Holmes believes in family.  Deeply affecting his family values were his deceased parents, Deacon RB Holmes, Sr. and Sis. Lucille Holmes.  He carries on their great legacy as the new “Holmes Family Patriarch” for his seven siblings, their spouses and offspring;  his children, grandchildren, his extended family and his  loving, devoted wife of 32 years, Dr. Gloria P. Holmes.  To God Be the Glory for the Great and Wonderful things He has done.

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