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Pastor S.L. Raines possesses a BS in Social Sciences (with Teacher Licensure) with a minor in Religion & Christian Ministries from Campbell University.  He also has a Master of Divinity degree with a concentration in Pastoral Counseling from the Campbell University Divinity School and a Master of School Administration degree from the Campbell University School of Education.  He is married to Brittany J. Raines and they are the parents of Nadia Shanelle, Layla Sherelle and Nathan Elijah Raines.  He was was saved at the age of 14 and answered the call of God to preach the gospel at 18.  He is a man of service and believes in our ability to turn the world upside down by turning it right side up.  He is passionate about organizational transformation, growth and development and integrates Psychology & Counseling, Spirituality and Theology into his preaching and ministry practices.