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Selecting the correct seating its important to consider the uses of your particular space. Is the area designated for new seating just for worship? If yes, you will want fixed seating. Or is the space a multi-use area that will require flexible seating?

Using Fixed Seating the pews are installed by a crew that comes to your building and properly anchors the furniture to the floor. Guided by CAD drawings with specific measurements, the installation crew will drill holes into flooring. Pews or auditorium seating will then be anchored using special screws that are tied into the floor to secure furniture. A cover plate conceals and protects screws when anchored.

Summit Seating offers two solutions for fixed seating; 
Traditional church pews and modern Auditorium Seats

Using Flexible Seating chairs can be moved at any time, allowing the space to be multi-functioning. Caution, local code must be followed. Sometime code will require seats in public spaces be fixed. Check this out before making a purchase. Also, sloped floors do not work well with flexible seating. Often sloped floors make it impossible to use chairs.

Summit Seating offers many different models of stack chairs. Providing real choices and price points to fit all budgets.