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We sell podiums, pulpits, lecterns and church seating throughout the USA. We have a large  selection of lecterns & podiums.  Our selection include wood podiums, glass  podiums and lecterns and more.

A wide range of church pulpits to meet the needs of nearly all churches.  Customers can choose from pulpits that are narrow and are easy to move and we also offer wider designs. Can be made to match your other chancel furnishings.

Church solid wood pulpits, Podiums and Lecterns Solid Wood Pulpits make a great centerpiece for any sanctuary, with it’s distinction and elegance it invites and embraces the congregation.

Radius pulpits from 6’ to 8’ wide.  With or without Corinthian columns, pull out glass holders, hidden casters and genuine glass inserts with custom church logo designs.

Often considered the “Center of Your Worship Space”.  Pulpits must make a defined statement of use and function. A pulpit t must blend well with the entire attitude of your worship experience.  Whether traditional or contemporary, Summit Seating offers a wide selection. In basic or custom designs, we have a pulpit designed for every sanctuary.