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Reverend Terrell J. Goggans is proud a native of Newberry SC . He is the son of James and Dorothy A. Goggans. His love for learning was nurtured and developed while attending the Newberry County public school system. After completing high school he received his Associates degree in Automotive Technical College from Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood SC. It was after his college graduation that Rev. Goggans answer his called to the ministry. He later pursued his seminary studies at Martin Webb Baptist learning center in Greenville SC. Rev. Goggans also matriculated his religious studies at the NJ Broockman School of Religion .

Then on November 13, 2011 Rev.Goggans was extended the invitation to become the sixteenth pastor of James Hopewell Baptist Church in Newberry SC. Rev .Goggans is also a member of Generostee Baptist Church in starr, sc where Dr. Ronnie Williams is the pastor . Then on February 2, 2019 he was elected to served as the ninth pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Greenville, SC. Pastor Goggans is married to his best friend L’Tonya Henderson Goggans and they are blessed to have a daughter Toniaya.