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Tabernacle Baptist Church is a caring and loving international ministry. We serve many nationalities and backgrounds with a desire to help from a Biblical approach. Our ministry is a Bible believing, soul winning ministry; and outreach is our heartbeat. Orlando has grown tremendously since 1966 when Tabernacle began and we continue to reach out to others. Our prayer is that not one soul the Lord places in our path will be untouched.



The heart of Tabernacle can be seen in the people that labor in our ministries and also those who attend TBC. The ministry reaches around the world from our 6000 W. Colonial Drive address. We have had the great opportunity to work hand in hand with national preachers on foreign soils as well as American missionaries going from our shores. Church planting and soul winning is the need for every nation, but we are also reaching many through feeding, clothing, and visiting ministries.


As I look ahead I cannot see clearly without the help of the Lord touching my eyes and seeing the need as He sees. If you wish to join in and help us reach our Jerusalem and beyond, I ask that you pray. If you are in Orlando, come join us and serve. If God impresses upon your heart to help financially, please give with full confidence that every dollar will go to reaching others and not to aid in purchases of “things” for our personal use unless otherwise requested.


Again thank you for taking time to visit us.


God bless,

Dr. Steve A. Ware, Pastor